Local WSC chapters


There are thirty-seven Local WSCS Chapters across the Methodist churches in Singapore. Together, they form the three components of the General Conference WSCS, namely the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) WSCS, Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC) WSCS and Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) WSCS. CAC WSCS comprises thirteen Local Chapters; ETAC WSCS, eight Local Chapters; and TRAC WSCS, sixteen Local Chapters.
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The WSCS ministries centre on four main pillars to help Methodist women find a place of belonging where they can serve God, grow together as sisters in Christ and encourage each other in their Christian walk. Programmes and activities are planned and organised with the intent of these four areas of ministries; Discipleship & Nurture, Missions, Outreach & Social Concerns and Witness & Evangelism. They provide a platform for women to be equipped in the areas of leadership and servanthood for the general ministry of the local church.

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Coming up Events PSD

Week of Prayer & Self-Denial
Date:  10-16 September 2017

This special observance calls women to spiritual growth, awareness and action.  Through it, the women are challenged to engage in prayer and to reflect upon stewardship as they respond to the needs at home, in the church, community and the world at large to fulfill God's mission.  Meditation on God's Word, prayer and giving have been its central focus.  Women are encouraged to increase their self-denial through sacrificial acts to bless others.  The offerings collected from the 3 Conferences at the closing service of the PSD week are channelled to nominated projects.
Coming up Events AGMs

Conference WSCS Annual General Meeting (42nd Session)

Date:  23 September 2017

Date:  14 October 2017

Date:  21 October 2017

Coming up Events World Federation Day

World Federation Day
Date:  4 November 2017

Venue:  Sophia Blackmore Hall, L6 Methodist Centre