Our Logo

Our Logo

inner page logoThe WSCS logo affirms our continuity as women organised for missions. Its symbolism affirms unity, growth and renewal, care, compassion and concern for the spiritual and physical conditions of the world.

  • The Cross - “In the Cross of Christ I glory”

  • Outside Triangle - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Inside Triangle - 3 Annual Conferences of the GC WSCS -  CAC, ETAC, TRAC

  • The Two Hemispheres - “go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel…”

  • The Wreath - Victory in winning the world for Christ

Colour of the WSCS logo - Pantone Blue 072

Guidelines and Usage

The logo may be used on letterheads, posters and websites by the three Annual Conference WSCS and Local Church WSCS to promote WSCS work and programmes.

The logo should be clearly visible when used.

The colour should not be altered or changed in any way.  If colour (spot or CMYK) is unavailable, please use the single colour version (black on white preferred).

There should be a “clear-space” to separate the logo from surrounding elements.

Prior permission is necessary for usage of the WSCS logo for any other purpose.  Please email to us at Unauthorised use or reproduction of this logo is strictly prohibited.