The WSCS ministries centre on four main pillars to help Methodist women find a place of belonging where they can serve God, grow together as sisters in Christ and encourage each other in their Christian walk.  Programmes and activities are planned and organised with the intent of these four areas of ministries; Discipleship & Nurture, Missions, Outreach & Social Concerns and Witness & Evangelism. They provide a platform for women to be equipped in the areas of leadership and servanthood for the general ministry of the local church

Discipleship and Nurture

Ministries DN


Encourage a deeper relationship with God through small group ministries for prayer and Bible Study.
Recommend suitable study materials and programmes for spiritual growth.



Ministries Missions


Encourage participation in the mission work of the Church.
Promote involvement in mission exploratory trips.

Witness and Evangelism

Ministries WE

Provide a platform for evangelistic training and involvement in evangelism.
Encourage participation in the community outreach of the Church.

Outreach and Social Concerns

Ministries OSC


Encourage service to the Church and community to care for the disadvantaged in society.
Promote cooperation with other Christian women's organisation on social concerns work.